How do I install a wireless printer

A wireless printer has many advantages. You do not have to have the printer on your desk, you do not have to worry about messy cables and in most cases, you can easily share the printer with other computers and devices that are connected to the same network. Installing a wireless printer may seem complicated, but with these steps, you will certainly succeed.

To step:

Connect the printer

Unpack the printer and put it in a practical place. Put the plug in the socket. Then grab a network cable and connect it to the printer. Connect the other end to your modem, hub, Time Capsule or another network facility. Turn on the printer.

Install the necessary drivers

In order to function properly, your printer needs a driver, also called a driver. The driver for the printer is generally supplied on a CD-ROM. Sometimes they are multiple drivers, for example, if you use an all-in-one. You then have a driver for your printer, but also for the copy function, the scan function, and the fax function.

Install the drivers on the hard drive. For this, you only need to insert the disk into the CD-ROM drive and follow the steps in the picture. Is there no CD-ROM for your computer or operating system? Then you can download the most current driver via the website of the manufacturer.

Add a printer

The next step is to add the printer to your computer. Make sure the printer is on. On a Windows computer, press Start> Devices, and Printers. On the Mac, go to Applemenu> System Preferences> Print and Scan.

Then click on ‘Add a printer‘ (Windows) or ‘+’ (Mac).

A Wizard now opens. Click ‘Add network printer, wireless printer or Bluetooth printer’ (Windows).

Select your printer

A list of printers now appears. These are printers that have already been added in the past or that are recognized via the network. Select your new printer from this list. Then click on ‘Next’.

On the Mac, you will see the same list. Select the printers support in question again and click on ‘Add’.

Check the driver

The next step is to check the driver. The computer checks whether this is the most up-to-date version. Make sure your computer is connected to the internet. If that is not the case, you will have the option to reinstall the driver. Confirm this option.

If the drivers are completely up to date, you can complete and complete the installation.

Print a test page

If it is good, the printer is now installed. You can check this by printing a test page. This tests the operation of the printer. You print a test page like this:


Open Start> Devices and Printers
Select the printer with which you want to make a test print with the right mouse button and click on ‘Printer properties’
A window will now appear. Click on the ‘General’ tab and select Print Test Page. The test page is now printed.

Mac OS:

Open Apple menu> System Preferences> Print and Scan
Select the printer with which you want to make a test print
Click on ‘Open print queue’
Select the Printer menu from the top> Print test page. The test page is now printed.


Do you use the printer with several people or from different workstations? Then place it in a central location
Keep the type number of your printer handy, in case you have to download drivers manually


Do not go to work too hurriedly. Some printers are installed in no time, but in other cases, it takes a bit more time

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